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you are my favourites

Turns out keeping a three year old from going terrifically insane when faced with a tree with presents underneath is a full-time job. So, I'm going to attempt to keep the laptop tucked away for a few days. Thank you for dropping by and reading my words in this tiny corner of the internet. The love and support extended to me this year has been pretty overwhelming at times.
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Promise more posts are coming. There's a holiday giveaway because that's what all legit bloggers do. A toy review. A story about pooping. And maybe a recap of the year that was. 2013. You've been pretty good to me. Except for that pooping part. Ok - back soon. 

(Oh and if you haven't seen my two latest posts for Modern Mama - click here and here. Thanks. You're welcome.)

currently obsessed

As a blogger, freelance writer and manager of many social media channels, I am online more than I would like to admit. The upside is I find amazing things that I think YOU will love too.

When I'm not on my laptop I sometimes cook (gluten-free), watch movies (hard core p-rn) (KIDDING), and after 7 years of debauchery, am finally eating right and moving my ass around. Here is the stuff that made me happy this week. You in?

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