blogs of future past

Back before I had a kid, I devoted many hours to another life-sucker: Review 2 A Kill. It was an intensely insane labour of love - we posted new content SIX times a week (WHUT?!) - and after a few years we were all intensely burned out.

But it lives on the Internet. Some days it gets more traffic than this site. (THAT'S COOL, MAN.)

Insanely flattering rendering of me by the ever talented Jason Copland

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what's up missteenussr and I say coolin'

She works hard for the Internet! So hard for the Internet!

Busy over at R2AK last week. Unloading all my gluten free baggage over at the new site theglutenfreeauthority.

Tweeting up a mother f-cking storm. Singing He's A Rebel at the top of my lungs in the car. Gonna bake these sumbitches and go to bed. How you feeling?


Did you see the sun today? Did you feel it on your skin and think, I can do ANYTHING today, with a little light in my eyes? Forgive my waxing rhapsodically about one good day of weather out of 50, but it’s been up and way way down around here lately. I thought at this juncture, nearly five months in, I had made it through the roughest patch as far as survival and triumph of my dirty tattered spirit goes. I had made it this far with so little sleep, so little time for others, or myself, and so very little mascara.
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on to the next one

I don't always have time to update this blog. Do you know how much that kills me inside? My fingers type in their sleep. Unused words tumble out my ears. But being a Mama takes up every moment of my life, as it rightly should. And I have spread some word nerd love out across the internet like jelly.

I have a new blog post up at Saje. This time I got to review some products, aka heaven.

Over at Review 2 A Kill, I mourned the end of Friday Night Lights, and in advance of my upcoming sure to be mega-amazing Oscar column, I did a Top 5 Scenes of 2010.

Now I'm going to try and watch some Californication before the girl wakes up, alerted somehow that I am relaxing and doing something enjoyable without her.