amoda tea giveaway {closed}

Two things I'm currently obsessed with. Tea and mail. 

Let's start with tea. Unlike coffee, tea is for the time of your day when obligations are done. When every sip will be enjoyed at the perfect temperature. So, for me, that is when my child is miles away/unconscious.

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hearts & poop

(I originally had an additional entry here all about how much I hated today. Looking at it with my head cocked I realized the highlight of the paragraph was the realization that I had been using my fancy white-out upside down. So, I saved the Internet from that moany banality and we're just gonna jump right into some good ole fashioned sh-t talk.)

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Did you see the sun today? Did you feel it on your skin and think, I can do ANYTHING today, with a little light in my eyes? Forgive my waxing rhapsodically about one good day of weather out of 50, but it’s been up and way way down around here lately. I thought at this juncture, nearly five months in, I had made it through the roughest patch as far as survival and triumph of my dirty tattered spirit goes. I had made it this far with so little sleep, so little time for others, or myself, and so very little mascara.
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