What else to expect when you’re expecting (the itch)

June dawned with the blinding flashes of love. Pausing midday during a mildly annoyed minute, it suddenly would punt you in the back of the head. A love for somebody you don’t even know yet. I envisioned having to fight kids in the McDonald’s play area if they tripped up my kid, or lurking outside the elementary school gymnasium, waiting for a bully with a sockful of toonies. How do people do this? How will I keep my heart from exploding and poisoning every internal organ when I see this kid? I’m sure the first time they talk back to me or make fun of something I’ve said, I’ll have no problem sending them outside to play with rabid dogs in poison ivy, but that’ll be a couple of years away still. How, until then, was I going to keep my shit together?
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