It's just been a giant countdown to Sunday night around these here parts. Only shitbag part of the night was having the sushi takeout place I called suddenly have an out of service number. Nothing tastes good when you expected sushi.

But, did you watch? Did you love? More importantly, did you cry like a bitch? I wrote before and after pieces for R2AK. Check 'em here and here. And if you live in Canada, enjoy your extra day off tomorrow. It's the only reason I'm still conscious at 12:30 am right now...

the very best

I am much too lucky. Seriously, in the last three years I have had so many good surprises. A proposal that knocked me ( and the wind) out, a bachelorette anniversary surprise party, and then last night a surprise "You made it through school!" dinner and sometimes during these events I get that swishy feeling inside of 'I don't know if I could be any happier right now'. I am loved. I love these people.
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