the one where I missed doing this very very much

Dear internet,
Sweet as you are, thank you for letting me abandon you.

Dear Photoshop,
I hate you.
the girl who loves layers of clothing but not so much palette layers

Dear Notes,
I have not written anything fun, or with the word 'fuck' in it, for a very long time and a small part of me is dying inside because of it. I solely blame the awesome onset of adult acne on the buildup of bitching inside my jaw. I saw some girls that I love last night and there was so much to say, so much to catch up on, I could not even deal, and so I sat there, with nothing to say. This is after a month and a half-I can only imagine what I will resemble next September. I will either calm the fuck down, and learn how to parcel the stress into neat digestible balls of string, or I will stumble out of Langara with my head thrust through the diploma, crazily grabbing strangers and eating their faces.

There are so many people along side me in class that I adore and many times I feel like slow motion walking towards them, crying, to hug the shit out of them. We have formed a tight supportive knit web of creativity and if I didn't have those faces to to look at and ears to barf into, this journey would be so much more of a poop.

The Husband is so delicious too. Even when I am clawing my face off in frustration, he tells me I am beautiful and helps me breathe through my mouth instead of taking a gun and shooting Illustrator to death.

My Mama:the provider of all good things this year.
My friends-the reminders of a life I used to have where I could EASILY pass a day just plucking my eyebrows and watching people parallel park out the kitchen window.
My gorgeous baby niece-watching that little face explode into a smile as she Frankenstein walks towards me makes my heart leak.
God, I love you guys.
You are what makes school not so suffocating and scary.

So, even though the guilt of not doing homework for the last 6 hours could be collected into a bucket and paint the world, and even though the stains on the stovetop almost made me carve the words FRIGIDAIRE SUCKS NUMEROUS COCKS onto its surface with a sharp blade, and even though I have to participate in a Group Presentation on Wednesday-me plus public speaking =diarrhea spray-
I did read two magazines today, I slept until 12:20 and I kissed the top of Nuv's asshole when he was bent over putting something in the kitchen trash.
It was a great day.