the weekend of bugger all

The perfect recipe for the start of a long weekend: Sleeping in late after sucking in and adoring the best summer movie in the wee hours of the morning, getting the call that your LOC has been approved and you won't have to recycle bottles to pay for school, getting a sandwich from your favorite, erm, only gf Bakery (hellllooo pickle!) napping while Nuv makes out with iTunes, reading on the deck with the sun in your face and the squirrel making fun of you in the tree, and finally, noticing the obscene amounts of fingerprints on the screen of your laptop and (When I first got this 2 year investment beauty, if a speck of air hit the screen, I would throw myself around the room, crying & screaming at the injustice of it all, and buy 70 dollar shammies to make the bad marks go away. I've come a long way baby)

Now that there is a clear path to school, albeit strewn with debt and fear that I will be ejected because I can't write a sentence without a swear word rearing its ugly head, I will sleep the sleep of the innocent tonight.