It's just the beginning: In honor of a few things, 1) going to see GirlTalk Thursday, a dude who has a knack for cherry picking the best 10 seconds out of an otherwise miserable song, and 2) the new Beck album, I came to think on some songs that I LOVE to the mostest degree the very first few seconds of. I would still date the rest of the track, but the start is the thing. Some examples-The second track, 'Gamma Ray' off the new Beck, 'Be my baby' by the Ronettes. 'My Drive-thru' by Pharrell, Santogold & Julian Casablancas (where is you dude? The Strokes website is award winning but I'd like some new music please) has the most insanely catchy arm flailing start. I nearly decapitated Nuv with a fierce elbow swing the other day in the car. Who knew a mixed tape could be so lethal? Honorable mention to the entire Clipse album 'Hell hath no fury.' Nearly every song starts out deliciously.

There has GOT to be a better way! My first week at the new job I actually sat in the lunch room to eat in an attempt to meet new ladies and seamlessly integrate myself into the squad before my bum crack inevitably got flashed. The strongest memory I have of this time, other than the overwhelming HATE of talking whilst attempting to eat gracefully & politely, was this one girl and her new wave "tupperware." She brought two different items (I think they were spaghetti, and then mango rice) in two separate glass Mason jars. This was her masterpiece and oh she extolled the virtues while angling her entire hand and arm down into the glass to get anything out. Honestly, who thinks of that? Tomorrow I'm bringing my rice in a frisbee.

Dear Interpol:
Inevitably somebody will ruin it for everybody, so camping out at Pemberton simply will not be an option. Nuv & I have three air mattresses & at least two weird snow-leopard pattern blankets in purple suitcases in the hallway that we can blow up in 8.9 seconds with our million dollar, loud as a jetplane taking off on your face air pump. It is NO PROBLEM if you want to come crash here. And then maybe play a few songs. To sweeten the pot, there will be waffles for breakfast & a new toothbrush for everybody!