I'm gonna....

  • sit on Mama's new patio furniture

  • waste large chunks of daylight sleeping

  • eat my $1.99 corn cakes

  • watch last weeks 'Generation Kill'

  • try my new mascara on

  • try not to strangle my Mom with pantyhose while we shop for clothes for her

  • get Caesar's dog hair all up on me

  • listen to Nuv not grind his teeth to stumps with his new mouth guards in

  • drink more iced tea even though it makes my liver bleed

  • count my grey hairs

  • cut erasers (this is the most satisfying sensory activity I have ever done at work)

  • stare at Nuv's new handsome haircut

  • attempt to go watch the fireworks without mortally wounding myself

  • accept the fact I'm not as fun or scintillating as a new iPhone

  • wiggle it. just a little bit.