do and don't

Scattershot week = cavalcade of miscellania.
Let's go! 


Do go run and buy this toothbrush.

Mama is a dental assistant so we always have an overflowing Safeway plastic bag under the bathroom sink full of standard brushes, but this. This! There is nothing standard here. This is the future of teeth. The bristles are made of something altogether different. It's like brushing your teeth with jaunty angel wings. [I was peeing in my In-Laws bathroom last weekend and they have those incredible toothbrushes made for sharks with like six extra rows of bristles. Where do you even buy those? I almost, almost took out my phone and took a picture but if I'm within 10 feet of an open toilet I am terrified I will freeze and my arm will puppet flail out and just whip my phone into it like its going home again back to its watery grave.] Oh, and totally unrelated - the bottom of my tongue is shredded and one piece that I hope isn't important is dangling off and touching every pointy tooth surface possible, making my mouth a wet cave of horrors right now.

Do go buy this from London Drugs.


This flavour. They were on sale and they are perfect. There's a lot of unwrapping of teeny foil packages with your teeth and swishing around of a mixture that looks and smells like a medical mistake, but after a thorough nuking it is delicious and leaves you perfectly full and ready to look at perez hilton on your phone because your work place has banned all informative websites.

Do go see Where the Wild Things Are. We got to see the sneak preview of it last night, and I'm pretty sure the greatest testament to its enchantment is that the approximately 400 children in that theatre did not make a sound.

Don't skimp out and buy no-name ziploc bags. Turns out the extra money you're paying for the brand name is so they actually zip shut. Fuckers.

Don't buy juice in those square cardboard containers with foil topped pour spouts on the very top because when you pour the juice out and it starts doing that hiccupy double glug out, it only gets EVERYWHERE.

Don't side part your hair and pin the grown out bangs that drive you fucknuts to the side with a bobby pin, unless you're totally okay looking like a girl named Enid.