So Them Rings And Things You Sing About, Bring 'Em Out Vol. Two

The Kitchen Edition

Ready, steady, onwards!


This is my Gramma Henderson’s (my Mama’s Mama.)There is a matching gravy boat too. So many Sunday nights at my Grandparents house, these sat in the middle of the table surrounded by roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes and a canned vegetable. My Grandpa would sit with me & Koleman at the table before the meal and bang his cutlery like a prison movie until Gramma told him to hush and we would all whisper giggle and kick each other under the table. The Yorkshires would come out of the oven, tall and steaming like little chef hats, and covered in gravy equal parts chewy and crunchy, I could have eaten 12. I used to slather my mashed potatoes in butter then tartar sauce. Our dessert was either a slab of sawed off confetti angel food cake or a bowl of syrupy canned fruit salad. Those meals and the love around that table are locked tight in my memory trunk and the butter dish sits on my counter helping me make new food memories.  

LOOK AT THESE GUYS! If all ghosts were this adorable I would never have nightmares ever. I saw these in a stupid expensive home décor store and promptly passed out due to holding my breath with love. Nuv surprised me with them shortly after and I have maybe (probably) made them talk to each other and dance instead of putting salt and pepper in them. The black dude had an amazing adventure at my birthday. Some friends decided it would be HILARIOUS to wrap up some of my own stuff and then present it to me all grandiose style. So, I opened all the stuff, oohed and ahhed, put it back where they found it and peed in their drinks. It was a good night. Next day, after the hours-longclean up I see white ghost missing his hugging partner. Horror movie noise REEE! REEE! REEEE! Totally had to dig a garbage bag out of the dumpster and found him wrapped up at the bottom of a gift bag, shivering and crying. The closest of calls I tell you. 

If there is a cuter kitchen timer I would like to see it. I should have put something beside it to demonstrate the wee-ness of it, but believe me, it is crazy tiny cute. Yes, I don’t use it, per se, but I’m going to start. Random things like: How fast can I sweep the 2 cubic feet of kitchen floor, or how long I can scrub the devil stovetop before I hammer 666 into it with nails and fury, or how long I am in the kitchen before I hear, “Tea?” from Nuv, who loves tea more than any food in the world (That would be milliseconds actually so that can’t be timed. I need to just strap him to a Red Rose IV drip in the living room and we’ll be set.) Buy it and many other treasures here.