diapers, dudes and things you will like

On my break today I went to Quejos on Main St., a place that sells these wheat free portugese buns that are a little squeaky but are the only room temperature bread-ish product that won't suction up all the saliva in your body when chewed and swallowed. I ordered some fresh ones behind a guy about my age and his little girl. I tried not to judge them based on their matching patchwork jackets, hats and the hemp rope-based carrier he had strapped to his chest. I really did. But DUDE, when I came back to pick up my hot chewy delicious buns, he was changing her diaper while she stood, facing the wall like she was being arrested. Why didn't I stop short and quietly moan yell, "DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE. Dude. Seriously. Really? Really. In a fucking place of edibles. Oh, and nice fucking jacket." I do not have children yet, but I will get a tattoo  across my mouth that reads NO DIAPERS IN PUBLIC because I am that nerdly serious abut this. 

And now let's look at some stuff being produced by people I am proud and honored to call friends! In the next few weeks of mass retail consumption, I will cleanse my palette with their creative energies.

Jason Copland is a comic artist (gentlemen fact) with crazy blue eyes (ladies fact) and he is helping Nuv & I with our exciting new project, details coming soon I promise. This is his blog. He is on a serious roll with projects of late AND he has the most amazing heavy metal falsetto when he plays Rock Band.

The Aural Kinetic is run by a friend of ours who was crazy stubborn enough to one day wipe his mp3 and decide to only listen to Vancouver music. He is now the connoisseur of what is good, bad and amazing in Van City's music scene. It's a devotion like no other AND he designs the most fun banners. Something the stifled by lack of talent graphic designer in me appreciates so very much.

Rick Collins was our wedding photographer, and a really fucking cool guy with talent dripping off of him. He was and still is doing ridiculous projects. On top of travelling to amazing locales for more luscious weddings, he's currently involved with photographing the Olympic torch's progress AND releasing a book. I leaned out of the kitchen yesterday and told Nuv that he is going to be so huge one day, and we'll be the cocktail party jerks going on about how he was our wedding photographer back in the day. (If you feel like looking for it, Nuv and I's wedding gallery is on the site, and feel free to notice me looking the best I have in effing years.

String Magazine was founded and is run by one of the prettiest and stylish girls I've ever met, Maria. I have written for her once, showcasing the jewellery line eloi, and I will be submitting another piece about a spa adventure I just had in the next few weeks.  It's such a celebratory site of local fashion and styling and stores and women and such, I really feel like you should just go there and fall in love.

Mark R. Campbell, writer, artist and self-proclaimed proud geek, used to be my boss. In between taking the terrible phone calls I would have to transfer to him, he would always doodle at his desk, and shoot comic shit with me in the lunchroom. He is now doing a regular web comic which must be next to impossible with work, a wife and little guy around, but he has done it, and it's great. Check it out here.