stationery with an 'e'

Everybody has that something that they can't resist buying more of, even though they have drawers full of it at home. My current healthy obsession is stationery. If it's on sale, or at a Japanese gift store, or made of paper and ink, I want it. (Not buying it, after it's in my hands and Nuv looks at it, looks at me and says, "You have ENOUGH," and makes me put it down, is akin to leaving a puppy alone in a room with no food or water or tummy rubs. I walk away, stealing a quick look over my shoulder as we leave, and sob all the way home.) I have some BEAUTS! Would you like to see what I have?

Not sure if you know this but strawberries are my very favourite of everything. So, this is pretty much perfection on paper.

Hand drawn happy pink bows. What I aspire to be one day.

Oh, the bridge! And the colours that I have absolutely accidentally over-saturated. I want to live in Vermont with this paper as my houseboy.

This is class. The perfect green and cream. Stripes! FRENCH!

This is a bit of a cheat because it's actually on a gift bag I have, but c'mon. COME ON. Look at him! God, I can't even handle his little smile and cheeks.

This one makes me want a sewing machine that has a built in robot that can thread that needle, with the nano-sized eye that pretty much only owls and scientists can see.

I want to give this to someone along with this as a housewarming gift. 

I would not be me, in my life, if I didn't have sushi stationery. 

The most Hot Topic-y of the lot, but the pink, black and skulls complete with terrible English translations of PUNK ROCK make this one a winner.

I feel like I dreamed this one to life. i love it so much it gives me heat rash. Found at the Store That Time Forgot across the street from my work, it's a full on fold out stationery set that makes no sense and never could have, but GOD, I love it so.