In 1999, I traveled to Australia by myself to meet a friend, then met new friends, got high, slept in a pup tent for months, spent hundreds of dollars on Robert Crumb art books, worked 10 days as a housekeeper, saw every stereotypical animal over there and generally had a fucking amazing time each and every second. (Mmm, actually, my last night in Cairns I was so drunk I threw up on my (borrowed) pillow, and just flipped it over and went back to sleep. The next morning was R-O-U-G-H.)

I tried to travel at night to save precious daylight time, resulting in many incidents of me stumbling out of a bus at 2 am for a bathroom break at a rest stop, with my neck pillow deflated and clinging to me like a fluffy placenta. The longest trek I attempted was approximately 38 hours by train, from somewhere rad to somewhere else rad. In a shitty attempt to save money I decided I did not need to upgrade to a sleeping car. I could HANDLE this. I am YOUNG and VIGORFUL. Yeah, not so much. I forgot to bring any food, and discovered I am unable to sleep in an upright sitting position. The kind older man beside me shared his fruit, and gave me a blanket when he watched me try to sleep while crouched on the floor with my upper arms and torso tilted forward onto the seat. A dead person would not have been able to sleep like that. When I disembarked from that train, I found the nearest pillow and blanket and passed the fuck out. 

I hadn't been that tired until yesterday. Well, this morning I guess. Nuv conceived of this ridiculous website a couple of months ago and it finally came alive last night in all the wonderful ways we imagined because of our amazing friends and many many hours of work and I cannot wait to sleep tonight. Like, I am having erotic fantasies of putting my ear plugs in and turning onto my side right now. You should take a peek at what we done did here. I think it's pretty slick.