I am so very full. I had a really spectacular Saturday, made just so because of a ridiculously long week, and even despite starting the day with one of those headaches that makes you google “brain explosion.” I had a small soiree with some great girls I know, and it was just retardedly good. We ate some food that made me do that annoying, “Are you KIDDING me?” moan, drank some very very very good drinks and laughed really really hard. After the girls left, I lay down on the couch with the lights off and the candles sputtering away while the Christmas log channel was on, and then that blasted Ulysses song by Franz Ferdinand came one and even though I was so full, so very engorged on this fucking amazing gluten free cheesecake I made (actually freestyled with a recipe – which is kind of UNHEARD OF round these parts) and full of all the love and laughter and bourbon spiked cider, I got up and danced. Like gave it hard, air punching and high kicking, jumping and turning the volume up and using a remote as a microphone and then Nuv came home and walked in on this performance. You know what? He may have said what I was doing was “serial killer-ish,” but I disagree. I think I was so full of Christmas vim and vigor, I just had to dance it out.

Here are some pictures of the gastronomic amazingness. 

Cinnamon sticks, good apple juice in a jug, cloves, oranges and lemons all burbling on the stove top for hours, poured over top a splash of bourbon in a styrofoam cup. Good godamn. Ganked from a similar idea at Sam's last party. Replicate at will. You will be very happy.

Rum and eggnog with a little ice that made it look like a creme brulee in space.

A blood orange mimosa that comes in a bottle with a twist off cap that might be the most delicious beverage I have ever tasted. We did eat, I promise. Proof is next.

Um, cheese, nuts and sugar. CHEESE, NUTS AND SUGAR. Brie, with a topping of orange and brown sugar soaked pecans baked until they melt together in the most delicious marriage of salt and sweet and YES! I ate my portion with a spoon and then passed out twice.

Mel & Laura picked up these little beauties from The Secret Garden Tea Company in Kerrisdale and we oohed and awed so hard we almost blew them out the window. They were literally the sweetest things ever.