she's not heavy, she's my MeeMaw

I have been watching some amazing cable television the last few days and I thought I'd take a moment here to share some of my snark observations.

Hugh Hefner likes his cereal like so: bananas cut up in the bottom of the bowl first, THEN cereal dumped on top, THEN milk poured all over. This is genius. I will try this immediately. [The Girls Next Door]

The only thing tolerable about being 16, pregnant, living with your also pregnant Mom and her boyfriend, and your boyfriend, and your Grandma in a two bedroom bungalow is that you call your Grandma, 'MeeMaw.' I love this so much. [16 And Pregnant/My new favourite show ever]

Four year olds can be bitches. And you can enter a THREE DAY OLD in a beauty pageant. Their personality really shines through for the judges while they lay there cupped in yur hands, shitting, and barely filling out a teeny tiny tuxedo. [Toddlers & Tiaras/My second new favourite show ever]

I am not a liar and I didn't dream it up. There is a shitty/amazing 80's game show called Just Like Mom, and the geniuses at Channel 155 have dug this series out of a rusted tin drum in the back of a Canadian cable station's basement, blown the dust off, and plugged it back on the air. I saw it, shit my pants, called Nuv and asked him to please quit doing his important things and hit record on the PVR right now, and laid back in stunned silence. I tried googling this show last year and got NOTHING. You know what this means right? This kicks open the door for Kidstreet, Seeing Things and Hard Copy to come thundering back on and make my inner 12 year old do a somersault and sit one inch in front of the tv with a bag of frozen cut up apples and never leave.