I call this one "this shit is blue bananas."

So, overall, could not be having a worse day. My zip up hoody has ridden up 750 times, I woke up thinking about laying in a bed made of square shingles six times after finally falling asleep fighting off an ill-timed Coca-Cola chug, work is proving to be a little more challenging than usual (read: I want to kick everybody in the throat) and all I really want to do right now is play Wii swordfight, nap, bathe in a hotel bath, finish Breaking Bad Season 2, then eat gluten free cherry pie.

I forgot to add a big RAD THANKS! to the 125 179(!) of you that have stopped by today. You have no idea how much statistics can thrill me. Also, because it's Monday, I have a post up at review2akill.com. I think it's kinda good. Aaaaaand, new post up here tomorrow. Promise.