a clean slate

What's harder? Staying still or plugging your nose and doing that crazy flailing run and jump off a cliff into the great unknown? I can't swim so I have been, in some aspects of my life, treading in warm tepid water. It's not challenging, it's not uplifting and it starts to stink after a while. All to say my amazing and brave sister-in-law has just taken a leap and I have to tell you about it.

After many years of running a foster home with my brother-in-law, raising the best two ridiculously rambunctious muffins ever (I'm a bit biased - being their Auntie has been one of the truest pleasures of my life), and going back to school full-time to become a professional counsellor, as of December 1st she is flinging open the doors to a new chapter and a new house. A house of love and peace and holistic health and recovery. 

Cardinal Recovery Services is the only rehabilitation facility for teenage girls in British Columbia. There was a desperate need for such a place and she provided it. That sounds much much easier than it is in reality but she makes it look easy. I can barely remember to shave my legs and eat more than a bag of cookies for lunch and she's out making the world a better place. Providing a safe haven for anguished parents to send their teenage girls in the grip of substance abuse.

The Internet and technology are a necessary part of how we live today, but the arms that catch us when we fall, the supporters of hope and the believers of change, these are real people. People like my sister-in-law who are making a difference and making me so proud my heart is just a tad swollen.

If you know of a teenage girl in need of help, contact Jodi Takhar and her team of professonials here.