Long weekend

Three days. Sunshine, kind of. Bacon. A death that inspired Nuv to write this touching article. Lunch in the park. Baby Mum Mums being consumed with excited hoots and chomps. Stella's first wave "bye bye." Sushi. One blackberry cohiba and one bellini = me blindingly drunk. (Stella was with Grandma so she didn't see her Mama become the slurring giggle monster.) Another excellent episode of The Killing. (As much as I love this show, I love even more recognizing local spots they filmed at, standing in for Seattle. Like, am obsessed with it. Location porn!) Card game on the ottoman. Canucks win! Nachos with homemade guacamole. Timberlake on SNL. A bubble bath. Getting turned on watching Nuv have to reach up and grab a box off a high shelf at Safeway. Breaking out my favourite sunscreen. Apple cinnamon oatmeal with a generous plop of butter and brown sugar stirred in. Sleep. Finally watching the amazing outtakes from the video our friends put together for us four years ago, for the wedding. And finally a late afternoon swing, watching the two people I adore most go lazily to and fro.