I am hovering over a mound of cords, loose newspaper, poorly (self-labeled) moving boxes, Stella's sippy cup of water (which I am totally drinking out of), old cd's I'm attempting to rip into my iTunes library (Drive Like Jehu! Enon! The Dix!) and my lunch leftovers (if I eat healthily it doesn't seem to count if nobody knows about it. So egg salad, spinach and red pepper wraps, meet the internet) to write this. 

Since my last blog we had a tremendous loss (my father-in-law is now up in Heaven, Keno and smoke in hand), are now moving with nowhere to go (yet, optimism is high) and one of my best friends (and her dashing beau) is leaving town (no matter how much we fete her, it still hasn't become real yet). 

I'm squeezing in some freelance writing work but miss this blog like crazy. So far twitter is keeping me comany when I have short outbursts of life to share. (See sidebar.)

I'll be back.