grandma h.

It was my Mama's birthday yesterday. Everybody thinks their Mom is the best. You won't believe me if I tell you you're wrong. But, I know the truth.

She is able to love me even when I'm a terrible piece of human sh-t, and she loves my daughter in ways that I don't even understand. When you make your Mama a grandma something slightly changes in your relationship. The world tilts a little and instead of butting up against each other, you are suddenly slid together, shoulder to shoulder, hand to hand, to help this little bub up to reach the sky with her teeny tiny filthy fingers.

Stella recently got over an out of nowhere shrieking hatred towards baths, thanks all due to Grandma H. who, with a combination of bubbles & swim goggles, solved the latest child rearing mystery. I like to think that now she will be an Olympic swimmer, and we will trace her success back to these times.

I hope my Mama knows her everyday love is the blueprint for my life. And in case she's not already crying reading this, here's an extra swift kick to her tear ducts.