G Day for Girls

So, I wrote a little ditty for G Day. Because when I was 10, shit went sideways. What's G Day?

"G Day is a global social movement anchored by day-long events that celebrate and empower girls ages 10 to 12 as they transition into adolescence. We seek to resurrect, modernize and share the wisdom and mystery that were once passed down from generation to generation.

G Day honours this rite of passage by tapping into our collective sense of curiosity, bravery and excitement at the amazing changes taking place. Our goal is to create a space where girls can come together and explore what makes them unique as individuals as well as what connects them to one another."

Amazing, right? Here's my G Day Story. 


"The year I turned ten, my family moved towns, I changed schools, and my parents separated then divorced. So, you know, a pretty boring year.

Despite all the upheaval at home, the loudest memory I have of that time is how excited I was to get my hair streaked. Sitting in a row beside grown up women (who shaved their legs!), wearing a thick rubber cap on my skull, and having individual strands of hair being violently pulled through it. The strong scent of the sour dye encasing my head; the glossy slippery magazines at my side; a whole day at the salon just blown. Oh man, my friends going to be JEALOUS."

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