want want want {vol.1}

So, if you're keeping score at home you know I own a pair of jungle cats printed tights and a loud floral pair that were scooped up and worn way before they were cool. Both purchased at Targets in the United States. Both well worn and dare I say TREND CHANGING? (Frantically searches through the Vice Magazine Do's)

I thought my collection was complete. Enough but not crazy. Cool but not wacky. Innovative in a "Jesus Christ there IS a lion's nose on her vagina" way but not TOO on the nose. 

And then.

In the children's department today at WalMart.


donut pants.jpg

The largest size was 5 so unless I pull off some Benjamin Button-type voodoo, I'll just have to watch my kid frolic through life wearing donuts on her butt.

She has no idea how blessed she is.