making memories the easy way {giveaway}

I take a lot of pictures of my kid but I tend to only film her when she's being totally dumb or weird because I want decent blackmail leverage for when she's older. 

But she needs to stop getting older pretty quickly because I'M SORRY NO. When she's too big for me to swing her over my shoulders when I need her to COME ON NOW, then I will be wrestling-style tapping out and standing nervously on the sidelines with my whole hand in my mouth. Crying and mumbling unclear thoughts about boys, periods, bullies and WHAT ABOUT ELSA AND ANNA? 

Here's the good news.

To remember the sweet times when I could bend her will with just the promise of a small bowl of marshmallows, I downloaded the new (FREE!) App, One Day. You find a theme you like (there are ones for parents too!), ask a bunch of questions, record their answers, and the app pulls it together to make a charming short movie that you will watch 14 times with your heart in your mouth.

Here's what happens when you ask a 4 year old to repeat decades old tongue twisters. And proof that my "YAY!" infiltrates all areas of my life. YouTube included.

The good news just doesn't stop around here. Want to win a $250 Target Gift Card? (OF COURSE YOU DO.) Even Canadians! Enter below then go download One Day. Years later, you'll thank me.

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