missteenussr made this! {vol.2}

Is there any problem a pan of rice krispie treats can't solve?

Well, not if the problem was how to not eat an entire pan in a 24 hour stretch.

They're fucking useless with solving that problem.

Deliciously useless.

Sure you can make the olde schoole recipe forever and you'll be content. I am not a fancy bitch (look at this website design) but I do like subtle switch-ups in recipes I know so well. 

So, I like to make my treats with a deeper buttery vibe, add in some crushed freeze-dried strawberries for a fun tang, and copious splashes of vanilla because you can never have too much vanilla. 

all the freeze dried strawberries

all the freeze dried strawberries

My favourite trick though is to adjust the cereal to marshmallow ratio so that the treats are chewy as fuck. This way if you manage to make it to the second day (I wish you luck) they aren't mega crunchy and require a power tool to slice through.

Here's how I make mine perfect.


Melt 3 TBSP butter in a large deep pot on medium heat. Let the butter start to bubble and foam until it turns a nice deep brown and then turn heat down way low. Dump in roughly 5 cups mini marshmallows and stir until they are melted. Add 2 TBSP vanilla and stir well. Take pot off heat and stir in 6 cups regular or gluten free Rice Krispies and 3/4 cup crushed freeze-dried strawberries. Work out your arm well combining the crunchy and sticky glop. Spray a baking pan with non-stick spray or line with parchment paper. Dump the mix in the pan and spray your clean hands with the spray so you can push the sticky mess down into the pan with minimum hand  goo accumulation. Let it sit and cool for a few hours and then get your munch on.

This last batch I drizzled some Lindt white chocolate on top but the sweetness was lost. Next time I'll leave it off or swap in dark chocolate.

finished treats

I'm not the only one messing with a classic. Joy the Baker added pistachios & chocolate. And I'm sure Pinterest has a few ideas for you. 

Just don't add raisins like my well-intentioned Mother-In-Law did once. That's a crime against nature and mouths.