perfect ten {vol.11}

I'm tired. This week was tiring. Let's have a fucking nap and wake up when all my obligations are done. So, 2079. This weekend Stella's birthday party runs for two hours. That's 120 minutes. I bought 700 snacks and have been thinking really hard about cleaning, dusting, mopping, vacuuming and replacing the burnt out light bulb in the bathroom. But really, I think slamming up a giant poster of Elsa and dumping three kinds of chips into bowls will be the grand extent of my party prep.

Oh, and the 20 cans of lukewarm Coke on the deck.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from your dirtbag Mama!

perf 10 vol 11 banner.jpg

And now, here's 10 links that I loved this week.

Fuck. I want all these dresses.

image via kling

I ordered this shirt on Wednesday. (Hat tip to my new friend Annie.)

image via zazzle

Three Instagram finds that killed me. (This counts as three things. Remember - I'm tired.)

insta perf 10 vol 11.jpg

Water in the walls is the least funny occurence ever. But Sarah flipped the script

image via est1975blog

This book. How on Earth did it take me this long to read it? (His new book for picky eaters is out in Nov.)

The best case scenario // Hallowe'en edition:

drizzle corn perf 10 vol 11.jpg

The fucking worst case scenario // Hallowe'en edition:

booger vol 11 perf 10.jpg

this can go straight to hell

This is just the prettiest. I want to live in a world where these exist.

image via the jealous curator

And finally, now I want grapes in everything.

image via dolly and oatmeal


What are you up to this weekend, friends?