the only thanksgiving recipe you'll ever need {trust}

When the holidays roll around, I forsake all my Paleo chia seed convictions, and just want to baste my whole body in butter. (It's also way easier to avoid hugs from unpleasant relatives if you’re dripping with grease.)

One of my favourite recipes to unveil onto a Thanksgiving potluck table with a great flourish is something I lovingly call the Green Monster. It was born in the deep suburbs, in the kitchen of my paternal Grandmother, and I hope one day my daughter will gross her friends out with it too.

Green Monster Recipe (serves 15 adventurous mouths)

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oh oh it's magic

1 bag of mini marshmallows (400g or so)

2 packages of dry pistachio pudding mix

2 containers of Cool Whip, semi-thawed

2 cans of crushed pineapple, drained (MUST be crushed and MUST be drained)

Mix all the above ingredients together in a giant bowl. You can taste your concoction (have a chair handy, the sugar rush is explosive), but you MUST let this magical goo sit overnight before serving. The ingredients have a wild flavour and texture orgy and the end result is a creamy delight.

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lick it real good

*This technically identifies as a dessert, but my favourite time to eat it is a few hours after dinner, when you realize to your astonishment that you're hungry again. Place the entire bowl on the coffee table with a few spoons. Cue up any National Lampoon's movie, huddle under a blanket with your favourite people and dig in.

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

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