perfect ten {vol.12}

I didn't recognize the kid that we threw a party for last weekend. If I could ask her, in all seriousness, if her soul slipped from her body and left a vindictive pouting crispy shell of a human in her place, I'm certain she would say a soft "yes."

There were three (just THREE) children in our apartment but their presence alone was alarming and set her back on her heels. Add in TOUCHING HER STUFF, and PLAYING WITH HER STUFF and LOOKING AT HER STUFF and we were off to the panic races.

She spent 3/4 of her party enclosed in her room, with the trusted adults at the party tagging in and trying to cajole her out to her GODDAMN BIRTHDAY PARTY.

Tears, arms crossed, flails, weird exclamations "I just don't get it" and 34 luring skittles later, she was out.

She was into it. She shared her new gifts. She turned a corner and the sun shone brighter and the wrapping paper crunched a little louder and the air in her freshly four year old lungs almost extinguished the arbitrary amount of candles I'd jammed in the sugar bomb cake. Happy Birthday to Poo. 

Then she got shipped to Grandma's and I had a nap they write poems about and ate the rest of the ambrosia for dinner.

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And now, here's 10 links that I loved this week.

There was lots to look at in the new American Horror Story but THIS LOOK on Jessica Lange was everything.

lange ahs perf 10 vol 12.png

screen shot via Com Shift 3

The only way to eat fried eggs. Guys, it's everything.

image via smitten kitchen

My latest post for Blunt Moms is basically a middle finger to dinner.

image via blunt moms

I found the soup of my dreams.

image via food for my family

Edible lip stuff. Get it.

image via poppytalk

This should be the uniform of every child ever.

image via hello apparel

Weird. I like sheep much better when they're in colour.

image via honestly wtf

After losing a chunk of weight, this piece rings SO TRUE.

image via salon

I had no idea chipmunks couldn't swim.

image via orange and silver

And finally, the edit on this American Sniper trailer is everything. I can't WAIT to see it. 


What are you up to this weekend, friends?