a missteenussr #OneDayApp Q & A {and giveaway too!}

Guess what? My face is totally crooked on camera. If you don't believe me, I have video proof. HERE. LOOK. If I was a Bond Girl, I'd be Crooked Galore.

Thanks to the OneDay App (you remember the video I made with Stella and her effing up rhymes right?) I did a little time capsule q & a for when I want to remember this face and this time and these good intentions. 

I only had to re-record a few answers due to weird cough attacks. Check me out! And come back for some FUN NEWS.

Is it clear that I meant someone in house to do my hair for me every day? Because that's what I meant. And the toque was a bad decision, wasn't it? OH WELL.

Make a good decision and download One Day. It's free, it's super easy and you'll get a ton of use out of it. Ten years from now I won't remember what I ate for dinner but I WILL remember to not do videos with toques on. 

Oh and get this. You could do a whale ton of Christmas shopping with a $150 gift card to Amazon.com or Amazon.ca - yes? Well, go on and enter below! Good luck friends!

{This is a Sponsored Post for which I have received compensation. Thanks for being rad & supporting the businesses that I love.}