i'm not ready for kindergarten {blunt moms}

Guys. As parents we all know about nipple cream, cloth diapers, swaddling, treats for toilet training, hiding sweet potato in brownies, temper tantrum safe words and how to caaaaarefully quietly open the wrapper of something delicious that you don't want to share with your kid.

But nobody warned me about the tidal wave hurricane sharknado of emotion that overcomes you when you really really realize your 8 lb baby is suddenly going to SCHOOL.

I wrote a little ditty about it for Blunt Moms. I'd love it if you took a gander.

"Today I was this close to bursting into big ugly sobs on an empty public school playground.

After carrying my 4-year-old from the car, once we crossed the threshold of the school grounds, I placed her grubby sneakers down onto the ground, her 40-pound weight released from my arms with both relief and trepidation. The sun warmed our backs as we walked side by side towards a hand painted sign that read “Office.”

How was it this time already? How did we get to kindergarten already? How am I going to pull my shit together here for this next stage of parenting?"

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