why is THIS in my purse? {in the powder room guest post}

Sometimes I wish I was a boy. I'd like to know what tickled balls felt like. I'd like to know what doing a casual pull-up felt like. I'd like to fiddle with a moustache while scanning a menu. But most of all, I could get away with four cards and a set of small keys in my pocket instead of a purse.

The crumbs. The dumb things that get stuck in there and never make their way out. The absolute life essentials that never find their way in. Purses suck. So I wrote a little ditty about mine and was stoked that In the Powder Room deemed it fit to print.

"I bought my purse on a hot day in Japan on my honeymoon seven years ago. It is purple and one of the pockets is held together with a safety pin. I obviously love it a lot but every single day I shove my hand in it for something I need and pull out 47 things I do not.

This is a fun game I like to call “Why is this in my purse?” "

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