a holiday-scented #OneDayApp Christmas Tradition {and giveaway too!}

The kid is four. She pseudo understands Christmas and Santa and reindeer and twinkly lights and the ornaments she has been instructed to not touch but yet still touches every night and then lies about touching them. 

I don't know what her in-depth thoughts about the holiday are because I don't ask. Or rather I only ask her to STOP TOUCHING THE GODDAMN SUPERMAN ORNAMENTS.

We do chat periodically because she's four and that's how I know she needs to go poop, and needs me to wipe her poop, and she that really really needs that cupcake after she poops.

But otherwise we don't yet have those Hallmark-style back and forth chats with hot chocolate moustaches.

In tiptoes my favourite App that I have told you about now TWICE - here and here.

The (free!) OneDay App has added some Christmas themes so you can follow your kid around and ask them all about Santa and reindeer and presents and black holes.

(Okay, maybe not that last one but, really, have you seen Interstellar? I feel like Stella may have a nubile enough brain to help me understand all the parts I did not.)

So, here's what happened when I busted out the App and we had a frank Christmas convo.

Does she truly grasp all the nuances of the questions? No. Is she cute as hell in those ridiculous glasses? Yes.

Now, in the true spirit of Christmas, wanna win some Visa cash? (Yep.)
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And when you post your insanely adorable movie of your kids being insanely adorable, tag me so I can see it. #OneDayKids. Merry Merry!

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