amoda tea giveaway {closed}

Two things I'm currently obsessed with. Tea and mail.

Let's start with tea. Unlike coffee, tea is for the time of your day when obligations are done. When every sip will be enjoyed at the perfect temperature. So, for me, that is when my child is miles away/unconscious.

Drinking tea has become a lovely evening ritual that feels like a warm reminder that I made it through the ragged waves of the day, and now the next few hours are mine and mine alone to diddle away or accomplish something amazing. My choice. My call. No guilt, no regret and no expectations. A book, a laptop, a movie I've been dying to see - all perfectly perfect with a cup of tea.

Now mail. Mail that isn't flyers and bills takes some effort. You either spend money you don't have on interesting crafts people in Brooklyn are making (fun, but finite) OR you start a pen pal club and receive hand written letters a few times a month and clutch them to your chest as you ride the elevator up and daydream about what kind of tea you will brew before you dare even carefully slice open the corner of the soft envelope. These letters are meant to be savoured. It takes a lot longer (and causes ridiculous hand cramps) to write out a letter versus tapping one out on the computer. You must respect the time and energy and ink spots that can't be erased.

When things I love are combined, it always feels a little bit dreamy.

Hi Amoda Tea.

Thanks for getting me.

I found this in my mail box a few weeks ago and even though I knew it was coming, my stomach did a little happy flip.

amoda tea box 2014.jpg

Get this - for $12 a month you get a box of tasting tea delivered to your door. Three loose leaf teas, thoughtfully selected for you, all natural and all super delightful.

amoda tea 1.jpg

This was January's treasure chest of fun.

amoda tea 2.jpg

I had a lot of fun with these three delicious but wildly different teas. Black Forest, caffeinated and gloriously rich, was my mid-morning pick-me-up; Minty Winter Wonderland, minty and subtly sweet, was my pre-bed treat sip; and Genmai Hojicha, all toasty and smart, was my post-workout, feeling all healthy and sh-t go-to selection.

Imagine - every month getting to discover three new teas. I think that sounds amazing. You could HINT at your love that you would like a subscription to Amoda Tea. (There's till time to sign up and receive the March tasting box.) Or buy one for yourself. A Valentine's gift can be from you to you. I love that.

Or - and I am SO in love with this option - how would you like to WIN a six month subscription to Amoda Tea?

You totally can! Enter to win below!

(Fine Print - While Amoda does ship to North America, this contest is only open to residents of Canada. One winner will be chosen and notified on Friday Feb 14, 2014. Like all posts that are sponsored, all opinions expressed are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that I love best.)

Update: Congrats Andrea F - winner winner chicken dinner!

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