currently obsessed (*vol. 36)

Here now are the things I am here and now really really into. 

*Extremely doubtful I have done this column 35 times already but I am having a minor love affair with the number 36, so, we'll just go with it. 

Love Letters to the Dead, a novel by Ava Dellaira

No fooling, I'm reading a YA novel (something I swore I would never do, because...? I'm a book snob but I only read short articles online? Yes, that makes sense, Brooke.) It's part of a Blunt Moms Book-a-Rama Book Club venture production and it's a rad idea, and SO much radder that the book is rad. Love Letters to the Dead, which is out April 1, 2014 in stores and online, speaks to my inner 16-year-old SO HARD. A quick and dirty recap of the plot is here. The first letter written is to Kurt Cobain, a voice that croaked with anguish and strain out of my Sony headphones, threaded out from my Sony walkman in 1994 until the day when standing outside our lockers the news tumbled down the hall that he was dead? He was DEAD? We were drunk with confusion. This was pre smartphones to google anything. We had to hunt down a radio and frantically crank the dial for a radio station to confirm the crazy news. So, two things: I'm very very old and if this book does only one thing which is remind today's teenagers who Kurt was, then it's a total success. Seriously though, it's turning out to be my favourite way to dodge parenting and I'll remind you again at the beginning of next month when you can get your hands on it.

The Bureau of Historical Investigation

Bellingham used to be good for two things: Jack in the Box milkshakes that tasted like cheesecake and Target. As a much less cool mid-thirties Mom, I can now appreciate the sweet charm of the homes that dot the streets just past the malls. Downtown Bellingham is a small sprawl of little shops, a crazy Bible-for-the-Internet company campus and great restaurants. We went into The Bureau of Historical Investigation after I had bookmarked this Blog Post extolling it's virtues. For any Vancouver peeps, it feels like a cousin of The Regional Assembly of Text - a delightful curation of curios, curiosities, gifts, artwork, crafts, jewelry and clothing. The lovely lady behind the counter told us how they had started as a tour company of the extremely interesting ancient parts of Bellingham (HELLO old brothel), and then they opened this brick and mortar spot. (OOF - even their Pinterest account is endlessly fascinating.) As we left I asked for a great gluten free lunch spot and she recommended Brandywine Kitchen and. it. was. delicious. Oh Bellingham, your antiquing is great, your coffee is better (I regret not grabbing 6 cups of The Woods coffee) and even on a miserable wet and windy Saturday we still had a great time.  

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Italian Cauliflower "Couscous"

If you're following my Gluten Free Authority Instagram feed, you'll know that for the past week it's been all Cooking with Coconut Oil by Elizabeth Nyland all the time. I am obsessed with this book. I just went back to her site - - to look up something and was punched in the face by Yogurt Panna Cotta with Earl Grey Grapefruit Jam and Banana Bread Ice Cream. So, clearly this is just the start of my obsession. Get the book. Every page is delicious. You'll soon be eating great heads of cauliflower at every meal and not even blink.

Beta 5 Salted Butter Caramels

You know the first time you try a really good tequila and you're immediately FURIOUS that you ever had the cheap insta-vomit brand? The SECOND you bite into a Beta 5 Salted Butter Caramel, the very definition of what a caramel means to you is changed. These caramels offer no silver filling displacement. Sweet, smooth, intensely buttery with just a little chew - even the BAG smells amazing. They are priced higher than any other caramel you have tried but that's because these are the best. You pay for the weird moan that emits from your nervous system every time you pop a new one into your mouth. The Raspberry ones are also incredibly incredible. Available here.

My Brother, My Brother and Me

I'm approximately 30 years late to the podcast dance. I once listened to the Ricky Gervais one, back in like 2006. My strongest memory was laughing and then having my guts announce with a bullhorn "OH F-CK YES, you're about to SHIIIIIIIT" as both bathrooms were in use at my fiancée's apartment. I bore down and endured. Cue up this month. It was high time I did something better with my commute time and running time. Enter begging friends and family for recommendations. My brother gave me MBMBAM and I was off to the races. As you would suspect it's three brothers, giving out advice by answering Yahoo User questions. It is quick, light on its feet, dirty, silly and riddled with the best kind of pop culture minutiae. Above all - it's f-cking funny. There are FOUR YEARS worth to catch up on and I think I am going to get a new job that I have to drive even further to so I can fit them all in. Do it. Get it here. (It's excellent free entertainment updated weekly, so duh to you if you don't.)

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