twirl! {raincoast books giveaway}

A few weeks ago the happiest mailman in the world dropped off a heavy package for us.

It's like he knew how much FUN was inside.

Raincoast Books and Chronicle Kids have launched a new line of children's books they have named Twirl. Which is pretty apt because you kind of get the happy spins when you feast on the colours! the pictures! the animals! the details!


Raincoast Twirl Review Image.jpg

The five titles that landed in our living room are SO fun and flavourful; SO crammed with colourful and unique art that is SO engaging Stella cannot get enough.

We play dominoes every night like we're old Italian men. (They do that, right?)

I eavesdrop on conversations like this now:

Stella: "When the actors eat the apples, but then the apples turn into a crotch..."

Dad: "..."

Stella: "And everyone's a caterpillar which is a baby butterfly, not a dragonfly silly!"

Dad: "oh"

Stella: "the snakes turn into wimps, (leans in puts hand on his shoulder) no more being scared about the spiders daddy, Stella is right here you'll be fine, promise."

The interactive elements and learning opportunities are HIGH. She doesn't care though. She's too busy spinning something, opening a flap or practicing how to say "construction worker" which MIGHT be the cutest thing ever spit out into existence.

Twirl. Turning heads, shaping minds.

All 5 of these beauties are available at fine Canadian retailers ~ here, here & here for starters.

Instead of me moaning on about how lovely these books are, how about you enter below to win a set for yourself?

{Contest open to Canadian book lovers only / I was provided with this set of books to play with & review / As always all opinions and caps lock are my own}

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