nancy b's kid microscope {giveaway}

FACT: I am terrrrrrible at science. And math. And geography and geology and shapes and directions and instincts and reason and matter. BAD AT ALL THE THINGS.

FACT: I am helping to raise a daughter. I want so badly for her to succeed where I failed.

FACT: Kids will be drawn to and excel at things that genuinely make them curious. Places and spaces and objects that they can't get enough of because WHY? WHAT? WHERE? Their brains are juicy beasts untouched by reality tv and school dance cigarettes. They are starving and knowledge will sate them.

I want Stella to be curious about the world around her and why it works, how it could possibly work, and science can help her find those answers. Because LORD KNOWS I do not have them. (Luckily she's three. I have some time to read Wikipedia.)

Is your kid a super science star?

My monkey is just cutting her teeth on being a genius, but if you know a kid between 8-17 who is super into science, Nancy B offers a Summer Science Scholarship open for entry until May 1st, 2014. The winner will receive $500 plus five science tools to help make their science dreams come true. Rad, right?

Another fun way to keep your kid interested in science as summer hits and school is dropped like a hot potato, is Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal by Educational Insights (for ages 8 and up.)

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FACT: You can enter to win one below. To find out more about Educational Insights and their unique toys, games & classroom tools, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram.

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(Contest open to 18+ USA & CAN [exc QUE] readers. Good Luck!)

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