golden naturals skin care {review}

If you'd told me a few months ago that I would be an ambassador, I would have guessed for any of the following:

  • The Impossibly Unfortunate 36 A Cup Club
  • People who Irrationally Hate Movie & TV Spoilers
  • #1 Fans of Howling Happy Birthday at Parties
  • Movie Fans who have never seen Top Gun

But here I am now. Ambassador of Golden Naturals Skin Care. Which also DOES make sense because the only thing about me that I actually like is my skin. Due to many years of carefully hiding from the cruel sun and liberal applications of cream, my face does not betray my uber age.

I have been fickle. I've never really had a skin care routine. I followed trends, expensive claims and brand name promises. Not once did I check a list of ingredients on a package to see what I was piling onto my pores.

Enter Golden Naturals with an uncanny sense of timing. Recently I have been finally taking care of myself - watching what goes in my mouth and starting to genuinely be conscious of what I apply to the most sensitive parts of me. Natural skincare products just make sense for me right now. Aloe vera, rosehip oil and green tea in place of carcinogenic chemicals? DUH. Yes. Then add in the fact that they're local (made in Langley, BC), another nerdy endeavour (#supportlocal) that I am ALL ABOUT right now, and it just felt so right that I be wearing a Golden Naturals sash.

So, the straight goods. After speaking to Marinella Nicolosi, Founder of Golden Naturals, it was determined that I had combination skin leaning towards oily. Days later I received three products for my personalized skin care kit: Pristine Oil Free Gel Cleanser, Pristine Cucumber Toner and Pristine Oil Control Face Cream.

I had the very best of high hopes, as for two weeks I dutifully followed my new routine - AM was all three products, PM was just wash and tone. I wanted so desperately for an organic product made with love just miles away to be my new best friend.


Golden Naturals USSR Post copy.jpg

Total win. 

Nose to mirror and hand to heart, I can tell right away my pores are smaller. My face wasn't tight and dry even with the introduction of toner and no cream at night. I had zero breakouts for the two weeks. My T Zone is SHOCKED. My face is soft, clean, clear and less ruddy. 

I love this line.

This line is proof that organic skin care works and you don't need harmful chemicals to keep your face really deeply and truly clean. Proof that a regime works. A boot camp for my face totally and completely transformed it. 

Would you like to see what I'm talking about? Check out all the incredible Golden Naturals organic skin care products made for every kind of skin type. Fun bonus: upon checkout enter the promo code GOLDEN-1BT for a 10% discount on regular price items (valid until April 30th, 2014.)

{As part of the Golden Naturals Ambassador Program I was provided with a skin care consultation and organic skin care products set for this review. As always, all opinions and caps lock are my own.}

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