how was your weekend?

I'm smack dab in the middle of a holiday weekend. Despite the heat squatting over the city, I've been DOING STUFF. Check it.

We went to Crackle Creme Cafe. Yup, a place mostly devoted to many varieties of creme brulee. Here we have earl grey, salted caramel and yuzu.

brulee 1 ussr.jpg

all the brulees

And after, when Stella helped with "the CRATCH." It helps too if your friends have just eaten a large meal and can barely eat any brulee because you can then go to town with abandon.

brulee after ussr.jpg


Then we got physical in the 5K Color Me Rad race out at UBC.

cmr before ussr.jpg


cmr after ussr.jpg

postProof that in a real combat situation, my butt's lack of understanding would equal = being shot off.

army crawl ussr.jpg

butt DOWN

But mostly I went so that I could accrue a new Facebook profile picture.

drs ussr.jpg

ahoy Then we had a pool day out in the deep deep suburbs and Stella decided to be a total turd and then slept all the way home. Cool.

sleepy s ussr.jpg

nerdFinally, bouncing off an idea a co-worker had given me, I made a dairy free AMAZING "coolada" (my name, deal with it) for our visiting nephews.

coolada ussr.jpg

refreshing as ALL YESRECIPE

Dump a chilled can of coconut milk into blender with 1.5 cups of frozen pineapple.

Blend well and serve.

It's just a little sweet, super creamy and super refreshing.

For the adult version, add a few splashes of good tequila.