blog tour pitstop

That crazy super talented word sorceress Sarah from est1975blog nominated me recently to join her Blog Tour. It's not like we get to leave our lives behind, travel from city to city on a velvet-lined Willie Nelson-styled bus (which for the record I would do in an infant heartbeat) and have amazing riders like: Chipotle menu items that won't make us fart and cans of cherry pie filling with the lids already off because: FUCK a manual can opener right in its incompetent face.

No, this is just a virtual tour of my blog and brain; a sweet peek-a-boo into my process (or hideous lack thereof) and why I'm here spitting out stories on a Squarespace template your fetus could probably tweak to make prettier.

Catch up on the first wave of the tour here and then settle in with your lighters for my answers below:

What am I working on?

Currently I'm doing some amazing work missing deadlines on anthologies, begrudging other blogger's success and ignoring my daughter to write stories about my daughter. One day she will find that hilarious.

blog tour sept 2014 image.png

her reaction to me revealing all her poop secrets

For reals though I work full time, have a freelance writing/editing/social media business on the side, am collecting ALL THE MONIES for my podcast, and when I'm done all that work and have tucked Stella into bed, then I write here and thrice monthly for Blunt Moms. I also just bought myself a small army of under eye products to celebrate the success of this Scary Mommy piece.

How Does Your Work Differ From Other Work in Its Genre?

More exaggeration and swearing and poop.

Why Do I Write What I Do?

Long Story:

Through this Blog and the words it farts out, I have discovered a like-minded group of bloggers that I would pick up from jail at 3am, no questions asked. This is all due to the way I write. By being stupidly honest, I expose so much of myself to a very thankless world, BUT, people like me will know we are one and the same and will become my loyal supporters and champions and fight together to figure out how we, the lovable and truthful misfits, can fit into the world of candy-coated dreamy Instagram Mommy Blogging.

Short Story:

So I can easily identify the people out there that are like me and we can become best friends forever.

How Does Your Writing Process Work?

Shitty thing happens – write about it.

Amazing thing happens – write about it.

Eat something crazy good – write about it.

Find an amazing product I want to share and support – write about it.

This is my corner of the Internet crawlspace and I want to share it all. There is often no rhyme or reason and that is why the hustle is so hard. I have the mind of a writer, not a strategist thinking of how I can make myself appealing to everybody. And I'm 1,000% okay with that.

Three Blogs I Recommend

These fine folks are more than welcome to join the tour or just bask in the applause.

The Rock and Roll Mom

Because the best part about the Top 30 Mom Bloggers in Vancouver contest that I lost soundly? Meeting TRARM. (Now, that’s a cute abbreviation.) She is the tits and everything else.

Magnolia Ripkin

Because her mojo, and straight talk, is magic.

Because whatever Shannon’s got cooking, I want some.

Cool? Cool.