super business girl

Do you listen to podcasts? (Well, other than my #yupnopepodcast of course.)

I listen to NPR's This American Life to feel smarter and more adult.

This week's episode's first segment features an 11 year old entrepreneur named Asia Newson aka Super Business Girl.

This tiny ambitious beast blew my mind.

What was I doing when I was 11?

Bunk bed flopping. An assortment of teen magazines with the clowniest of collage covers that I burned lusty eyeball lasers right into. A small white 7-11 bag with a pack of Skittles and 3 pack peanut butter cups rustling around. Wondering what Corey Haim was doing RIGHT THAT SECOND.

In essence, doing a lot of fuck all. 

What if I had vision and focus and coherent words just spilling out from my mouth like Super Business Girl? Well, this Blog would look a fuck ton better than it does. That I know for sure.

Listen in to hear more about Super Business Girl, including her rap that is seared in my brain, right here on NPR.