perfect ten {vol.8}

Did you know a life without sugar is JUST BARELY worth living? I'm struggling here, folks. After a rad weekend in Victoria, the only bright spots of this long slog of a week were finally diving into Eleanor & Park, and picking up The Leftovers after a dismal 4th episode had turned me off. Oh, and also the weather in Vancouver right now is like the dreamiest of dreamboats. And I am still alive after drinking raw eggs blended into coffee. MORE ON THAT BAD ASS FRONT SOON. #RockyAsFuck 

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And now, here's 10 links that I loved this week.

Every group project I EVER did in high school perfectly summed up.

group projects ussr

image via notixx

This magical book will be purchased for Stella's 4th (!) birthday at the end of the month.

image via inside a black apple

I want Keira's entire outfit (head to toe) for the wedding I'm attending later this month.

Trees. Only better.

image via the fox is black

Magazine wallpaper. Because why not?

image via momfilter

This loft in Madrid is like how good a homemade caramel tastes. (GO WITH IT.)

image via honestly wtf

Recipes in mid-air!

image via honestly yum

I can't WAIT to see Foxcatcher.

The Herschel lookbook for Fall 2014 is EVERYTHING.

And finally, one of my favourite gluten free bakeries, Pikanik, will be offering delivery service to your home come Oct!

Pikanik Delivers (for real!) from Pikanik on Vimeo.


What are you up to this weekend, friends?