all aboard the sleep train {blunt moms}

{Seriously. LET'S TRY THIS. My latest post for Blunt Moms is all about sleep training teeny tiny babies. Aka to dream the impossible dream...}

sleep train ussr.jpg

image via blunt moms

"Fox News, which tends to be as trust-worthy as The Onion, recently posted an article about a new method to help newborns sleep through the night. Even though my newborn has suddenly become an almost 4-year-old while I wasn’t looking, I took the bait and clicked.

I thought for sure it was going to be some misleading and obvious sleep porn for parents, but it was legit. It seems to me the technique boils down to this: elongating both the feedings and the gap between feedings during the day translates into longer stretches of sleep at night for the toothless maws.

Hard? Yes. Worth it? YES."

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