perfect ten {vol.9}

Every Saturday morning the kid and I stumble into the kitchen and make pancakes (her) and black tar heroin coffee (me.) I put on the last Queens of the Stone Age album, and she adds bowel busting food colouring to the four bowls of pristine batter. I make too many and she eats very few, but the ones she does devour have either crunchy red sprinkles or tubed icing worms on them. It's a sugar abomination, but syrup sure as shit must also spike blood sugar levels. It's a small way to be in the same space with an almost 4 year old before the weekend starts and she is shipped off to Grandma's house. It's me and her. Wrinkled jammies. Startling breath. Voices low with sleep. We clank around and wake up the place together. It's probably my favourite part of the weekend, next to Sunday morning when I get to SLEEP THE FUCK IN.

perf 10 vol 9 banner.jpg

And now, here's 10 links that I loved this week.

Umbrellas on beaches. Almost pretty enough to make me want to go to a beach.

screenshot via love grampa and grandmaster flash

Bottom right = WANT WANT WANT.

image via girls of a certain age

Let's pretend drive-ins were actually a good idea. (Reality = foggy windows and car alarms.)

image via flavorwire

There's no excuse to have a boring desktop.

image via designlovefest

Madly in love with these ideas for kid's art spaces.

image via apartment therapy

This cauliflower slaw is SO delicious. (Especially the next day and the next day after that so make lots.)

image via smitten kitchen

Time to take back those sleepless nights. (My latest column for Blunt Moms is all about the zzzzz's.)

sleep train ussr.jpg

image via blunt moms

Guys, if I could go back in time when we were stroller shopping, I'd forfeit a month's rent for a Bugaboo

image via bee in the city

And finally, if only one day I could be this clever...

A million times (Time Dubai) by Humans since 1982 from Humans since 1982 on Vimeo.


What are you up to this weekend, friends?