perfect ten {vol 10}

So, after a birthday week filled with Earnest ice cream, screamingly good people I love, and enough sugar to drown a cat, this weekend finds us on the island attending a wedding where I know 46% of the people there and I'm going to dance like Beyonce's blind cousin. WooooOOOOOooo!

perf 10 banner vol 10.jpg

And now, here's 10 links that I loved this week.

Consider this a PSA: Tom Hardy's accents

I'm embarassed it took me so long to finally watch this. (Streaming on Netflix - get on it! #streamteam)

Can you tell me how to get to this fantastic exhibit?

image via gothamist

A room makeover how-to that made me laugh - seriously. Orlando is super funny.

image via style by emily henderson

I've had this tiny envelope DIY bookmarked forever. Still makes me happy.

image via poppytalk

You can (finally!) get your hands on East Van Jam this weekend at Hawker's Market! (RUN.)

image via east van jam

This 10 minute yoga workout maks me sweat like a horny yeti.

I forget how good Esty is for gift ideas.

image via hruskaa etsy shop

If you missed it, I cracked the code on why all Blog Posts are just lists now.

And finally, I love me some Rashida Jones


What are you up to this weekend, friends?