the 5 stages of cooking with kids {a day in the life of a drama queen's momma}

{I was away in Victoria this weekend for some sugar intake (Tout De Sweet!), some sweet half-arm sunburns, hotel lounge top shelf tequila, conversations that fed my Gremlin soul and a beautiful bridal shower in a home that I never wanted to leave.

While I was away, my guest post for the sweet-as-goddamn-pie Traci from A Day in the Life of a Drama Queen's Momma went up. A taste...}

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image via a day in the life of a drama queen's momma

"If you’re like me and have a picky eater, “they” say to get your kids involved with the food purchasing and preparation. Um, have you been to a grocery store lately? Those howls you hear? Those are not coupon clippers in a rapturous state. They are children who hate being taken up and down aisles of delicious things that they are not allowed to immediately open and inhale. Why, if I could help it, would I EVER, torture myself like that?"

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