perfect ten vol. 13 {my favourite links of 2014}

I read a lot of delicious, funny, heartbreaking and thought-provoking pieces in 2014. Narrowing them down to just 10 links was tough as hell. 

I could have easily made this list 200. But let's ease into this new year by savouring small bites of brilliance. The posts that camped out in my brain, despite my sieve memory. I think you'll love them too.

The Divorce Doula ~ An Open Letter to my Now Ex-Husband
As a child of divorce, the last line killed me.

est1975blog ~ Yup {Vol.1} 
A sampling of how good a story-teller Sarah is with these three tiny but crazy funny anecdotes. (And she bought me that unicorn mug for Christmas. ALL KINDS OF RAD.)

Welcome to the Bundle ~ Elegy on the Open Road
Choosing just one of Jessica's stories was difficult, but this one won.

Cordelia Newlin de Rojas ~ How I Know My Husband Loves Me (Blunt Moms)
Simple and subtle and so beautiful.

Vicki LesageWhere Socks Get Lost & Other Life Lessons of the Laundromat (Blunt Moms) 
Every time I do laundry, I think of this piece.

The Ugly Volvo
The Word my Son Learned at The American Museum of Natural History
I wish she wrote more often but every post is a gift. Hilarious and so goddamn true.

Foxy Wine Pocket ~ The Pooping Tree
I can't read The Giving Tree with a straight face anymore.

A Cup of Jo ~ Let's Talk About Career
A compilation of many things I'm obsessed with - cool chairs, Mad Men and good female hustle.

N'tima Preusser ~ Full Circle (via Coffee + Crumbs)
This made me love my kid a little more, if only to just compete with her love.

The Smitten Kitchen ~ Cauliflower Slaw Recipe
I had to include this bright fresh bite. I make this recipe monthly. It's so goddamn good. (This Whole Foods hack was a close second.) 

Thank you to all the wonderful writers who make me work harder, and delve deeper to find better ways of describing poop. I adore the shit out of you.