my #streamteam january

Why is it shoes-with-no-socks weather in Vancouver in JANUARY?

Where are the 17,000 bobby pins I have purchased in my lifetime? (I have 4 left.)

Why is our Christmas tree still up?

Why haven't I gorged on The Fall Season 2 yet?

Why do I wake up at 6am to sweat for 30 minutes and then finish my day up to my tits in Lindt dark chocolate?

Why does the theme song from Unsolved Mysteries still scare the ever-loving shit out of me?

Why has it been so quiet on the blog this month?

If I lived in Richard Scarry's Busytown, a posse of animals in pants and a worm with a hat and one shoe would be bumping up against me to lend a hand (or shoe.)

This month I've done a lot of Netflix parenting. I know why. January, despite it's too-good-to-be-true light breezes and Hallmark fresh start promises has been a long and weird month.

All of you with a creative outlet - here's a question. Have you ever suddenly felt so stuck in the mud and unable to produce and felt like your body was immoveable no matter how much you wanted to PRODUCE? I want my fingers to prance over the keyboard and then somehow have it turn into a typewriter so I could dramatically whip off a fresh piece of brilliant storytelling and then turn it back into a digital file so I could present it here and promote it on every dirty corner of social media. 

This month I ached to do the damn thing over and over. I have a Notepad on my phone popping with ideas, leaking all over my brain, dangling off each fingertip. I sit and I do that thing that fancy writers do in movies where they type one sentence, slam the lid of their laptop then go drink a bottle of tobacco brown whiskey. Except minus that last part. And more sulking.

So, I turn on Netflix for Stella, plop down beside her and we watch a show that we both love. 

I remember losing my head in Richard Scarry's books when I was little. Oversized books that hurt my arms to hold. I'd lay them flat on my bedroom floor and hover over top and insert myself into that town where nobody got divorced, nobody lied to get out of gym class and nobody walked an hour home from school. (Not when there were pickle cars.) 

The colours and the silliness and the details of the streets, buildings and sweater vests - this was an escape for my busy brain. I could let my imagination sprint down those streets, free and wild.

Scarry's characters and the world he created translate pretty perfectly to the screen. I slump next to Stella and we watch episode after episode. I can let my jumpy brain get lulled into a sweet molasses-like state. Our hands touch, heads bump, her hair falls into her face, and we scramble up to dance to the theme song for each new episode. 

The mystery of where my writing is heading remains to be seen. Until then, we'll be on the couch, sometimes with marshmallows, most times still in our pajamas. Letting our imaginations soak in the good stuff. All the mysteries eventually get solved on screen. I'm sure mine will get unwound and become clear too, right?

Until then, when she goes to bed, I'll be starting Season 2 of The Fall.

If you're feeling crafty and more motivated than my flannel-clad butt, here are a couple insanely cute crafts jumping off the new Netflix series The Adventures of Puss in Boots.

Paper turned into whiskers!

This one looks super delicious, best served with a little buddy, bundled up under some blankets.

What are you watching and loving on Netflix Canada? Keep the recommendations coming, yo!

As a member of Netflix Canada's #streamteam I will be giving you the straight goods on what I'm watching each month in exchange for a yearly membership. It's a match made in heaven, really.