get your Groupon Coupon on!

Remember when we had to Christmas shop using only our our feet? Remember MALLS?!

Ok, it's not the year Cyber638282 yet. I know many of us still mingle with the masses, sweating in all the wrong places because it's -67 outside and +68 inside the mall. (Malls should have Coat Checks. And flask rentals. JUST A THOUGHT, MALL MANAGEMENT.)

So it's almost December but online shopping is still the move. Pants are optional. My laptop doesn't care about my salsa breath. 

The best place to find fun and interesting stuff AND local stuff to DO, is, of course, Groupon. We all know and love Groupon. That's where smart people look first for deals on stuff you want to do or buy, right? Full price is for people who park their cars in two spots on purpose.

The only thing better than a good deal is a GREAT DEAL. Like eating a really good pint of ice cream and finding a hidden portal at the bottom of the jar that leads to a world made of ice cream. 

*Vanna White-esque daintily presses lit-up squares to reveal GROUPON COUPONS*

Yessir, with Groupon Coupons you are saving even more money which could be put towards inventing that portal to ice cream land.

It's such a delicious proposition any way you look at it.

How does it work? Easy as pie. Just stop by Groupon Coupons before doing your shopping and look for a coupon. They have over 55,000 FREE coupons for more than 10,000 stores aka SO MUCH MONEY SAVED.

I spotted ones I would use (probably for myself because selfish) for Babies R Us, Birchbox, Adidas, Uniqlo & Travelocity

Deals on deals on deals. It's a goddamn Christmas miracle.

And, when you're all done shopping, you can experience this kind of pure unadulterated joy.

{This post was sponsored by Groupon. All opinions, Caps Lock and swearing are my own.}