my #streamteam december & my 2015 netflix recap

I'm full. In every single way I am so full. And it's fantastic.

We're always supposed to look forward but damn - looking back is really good for my heart.

Even just traipsing back through my #streamteam posts, it's not just about what I watched late in the night when I should have been asleep. I see glimpses of where I was, how I felt, what was important and what made me laugh.

Just a few weeks ago I got to take Stella to a fancy hotel in a fancy dress with fancy Christmas trees to watch an early screening of Dawn of the Croods and even though it's a memory on the last gusts of the year, this moment and this face combine to make this a highlight of my year.

dawn of the croods screening -

Here is what I watched in 2015 but so much more...

January 2015
Highlights: The Fall :: Richard Scarry's Busytown

All of you with a creative outlet - here's a question. Have you ever suddenly felt so stuck in the mud and unable to produce and felt like your body was immoveable no matter how much you wanted to PRODUCE? I want my fingers to prance over the keyboard and then somehow have it turn into a typewriter so I could dramatically whip off a fresh piece of brilliant storytelling and then turn it back into a digital file so I could present it here and promote it on every dirty corner of social media. {CLICK HERE to read more...}

February 2015
Highlight: The Mind of a Chef 

Due to living most of my adult life with one bathroom, I can pee comfortably in any vessel. My bravest bladder moment occurred when a buddy decided to get amorous with a girl in our bathroom when I was six months pregnant. Pregnancy pees creep up on you hard and fast - they wait for no orgasm. So, I grabbed our largest tupperware container, shoved down my pants and emptied my pulsing bladder while leaning against the wall of my bedroom. {CLICK HERE to read more...}

March 2015
Highlights: Wanderlust :: Bloodline :: House of Cards :: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

How do you watch Netflix? When times are really tough, like when I graciously let my kid watch her Netflix favourites on the "big tv", I snuggle in beside her on the couch and screw in my earbuds so I can watch my shows on my iPad.

TOGETHERNESS. {CLICK HERE to read more...}

April 2015
Highlight: Daredevil

Pop culture was precious. It didn't care about you. You had to bend to its every whim. And you did because otherwise the next day on the playground you would have to kick the dirt with your LA Gears and nod all fake knowingly about what Brandon did or did not do with Kelly because YOU MISSED IT AND LIFE WAS 46% LESS WORTH LIVING. {CLICK HERE to read more...}

May 2015
Highlights: Chef's Table :: Halt and Catch Fire

Personally I felt the most affection toward the Chefs in Episodes 1 & 3. The lanky, bouncy and playful Massimo Bottura from Italy, and the mysterious lone wolf Francis Mallman from Buenos Aires, who lives part time on an island in the middle of nowhere and cooks fresh split fish and smashed potatoes off the side of his boat. I am not lying and I was not drunk - when Mallman's episode concluded I sat there with tears slipping off my chin and the drowning feeling that my life is so goddamn ordinary. {CLICK HERE to read more...}

June 2015
Highlight:  Orange is the New Black

oitnb - my 2015 #netflix recap

And welcome to my June. I cried a lot this month. My Honda Civic died. I drove it off the lot brand new 15 years ago. That's a long time to own something that is helpful every single day.
{CLICK HERE to read more...}

July 2015
Highlights: Creep :: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

There are a lot of terrible insults you can hurl at other human beings. For my money though, one of the worst things you can call someone is a creep.


If it’s a dude, you immediately think of some shady balding mouth-breather with corduroy pants and an unmarked basement suite.

If it’s a woman, it’s even worse than slut. {CLICK HERE to read more...}

August 2015
Highlight: Narcos

We lived in the safest, most idyllic, most boring neighbourhood ever. One in which my pudgy nerd brother could have been shot dead. And it was all my fault. {CLICK HERE to read more...}

September 2015
Highlight: Luther

When I was a pre-teen, Corey Haim was the ONE. Every movie he starred in, no matter how dumb or ridiculous or low budget it looked, come opening night my movie ticket was purchased and gripped snugly in my sweaty chubby fist. Until I got my popcorn, then both hands were fully invested in transporting every fat-soaked kernel into my chew hole. (PS - Remember when movie theatre popcorn made with coconut oil was deemed to be the devil's snack with as many calories as 18 Big Macs or something and now we all LOVE and chug and bake and gargle with coconut oil? Nutrition is weird.) {CLICK HERE to read more...}

October 2015
Highlight: Hannibal

Things that are creepy:

When you enter a communal work bathroom with a plethora of empty stalls but choose to go into the same stall that your co-worker is just exiting, then you make eye contact and wink at them. Seriously - don't do this at the office or you will be labelled the "creepy winker." (I was thinking about how to make this even creepier:  A) Audibly inhale once you’re in the stall and then make a contented happy place sigh or B) Start laughing uncontrollably.) {CLICK HERE to read more...}

November 2015
Highlights: Anthony Jeselnik: Thoughts and Prayers :: Master of None :: John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid

Yes, it's important that she get a good night's sleep. Yes, it's important that I don't fall prey to her charming wiles and bedtime stays in my control. But it's mostly important for me to GET BACK TO MY NETFLIX & CHILL, Stella. I don’t care what the young people skew that expression as. I use it as God intended – to take up the whole couch with my whole flopped body, balancing a Netflix branded popcorn bowl on my expanding Mom gut, one hand on the remote and one hand spooning green ambrosia out of the bowl into my Cool-whip flecked gaping mouth. That’s the chill-est I get. {CLICK HERE to read more...}

December 2015
Highlights: Iris :: Dawn of The Croods

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I have a confession - Making a Murderer did not hook me AT ALL. So bizarre, right? This story is so much in my wheelhouse that when I chose to just read about it instead of watching it, I felt GUILTY. Who am I anymore? So this month has been all about propping Stella in front of any holiday-themed show while I sneak around with Santa gifts. I'm hoping to squeeze in Jessica Jones before work drags me back on the 4th.

Goals: I have reasonable ones. 

In 2016 I do also plan to try and better myself and influence my kid in better ways. Swimming lessons. Bike rides. Cartwheels without kicking anybody in the face. Tying shoes. Reading! And way down the list is teaching her to tell time. Until kids can read a clock, lies are a parent's greatest weapon. Pop them in bed by 9pm but call it midnight and they will think they have the coolest parents ever when really we're just selfish geniuses. Here's to an excellent 2016 filled with more shows than I can possibly watch but the passion and vigour to try. 

As a member of Netflix Canada's #streamteam I will be giving you the straight goods on what I'm watching each month in exchange for a yearly membership. It's a match made in heaven, really.