my #streamteam february

Even though at parties I have made mighty claims (over protesting voices) that staying in a cabin is STILL camping, I am not a total priss. I could survive the cold offerings of a cruel world if push came to hearty shove. How do I know this?

Due to living most of my adult life with one bathroom, I can pee comfortably in any vessel. My bravest bladder moment occurred when a buddy decided to get amorous with a girl in our bathroom when I was six months pregnant. Pregnancy pees creep up on you hard and fast - they wait for no orgasm. So, I grabbed our largest tupperware container, shoved down my pants and emptied my pulsing bladder while leaning against the wall of my bedroom. 

Due to my obsession with only doing laundry once a week, I can wear and re-wear socks and bras for dayssss. If your sock remains in the perfect mold of your foot after you've kicked it off, that's not gross. That means it loves you and wants to feel you even when you're gone.

Thanks to my latest Netflix obsession, I know I could survive on weeds and perfectly unripened strawberries in the wild because a Chef in Copenhagen showed me how. Have you guys watched The Mind of a Chef? I've been retiring every night with it on my iPad like it's a fine scotch. I'm just rounding the bend of Season One and I don't want to stop watching ever. It's weird, creative, subversive, funny, colourful, doesn't take itself seriously and makes food feel so much more alive and fun.

I don't even hate that it makes me hungry at a dangerous time of night when Doritos seem like a sound option.

What are you watching and loving on Netflix Canada? Keep the recommendations coming, yo!

As a member of Netflix Canada's #streamteam I will be giving you the straight goods on what I'm watching each month in exchange for a yearly membership. It's a match made in heaven, really.